About Us

The company St. Hunna AB was formed in 2015 as a spin-off from two consultancy firms working towards the Swedish Armed Forces. The main product of the company is a ”washing machine” for USB memory sticks, designed to bridge air gaps between sensitive information systems.

At St. Hunna we have a high level of security awareness, as well as focus on sustainability. The individuals within and behind the company have extensive experience from the IT and cyber security industry and from the Armed Forces.

St. Hunna is a french saint, daughter of a duke and devoted to helping the poor women of Strasbourg. As she took it upon herself to help these women by helping her washing clothes, she was called ”The Holy Washerwoman” by people of her time.

CEO Stefan Larsson The CEO of St. Hunna is Stefan Larsson, who has many years of experience of IT, tele communication and security.